Budapest Performing Arts Academy (BPA) – MISSION STATEMENT

BPA is a higher education institute that fills a gap in Hungary on the field of performing arts.
BPA is a higher education institute in strong cooperation with other Hungarian, European and other countries' performng arts culture, aims to become a leading institue on its specific direction and terrain in Hungary and the EU.
BPA creates and recreates day by day, semester by semester, year by year, course by course the balanced harmony of well defined values

tradition and innovation
technique and creativity
art and business
individual and community
simplicity and complexity
regular and guest courses
genre and transdisciplinarity
Hungarian and transcultural

The school combines the advantages of being a small, independent organization with close personal cooperation of students, teachers and crew and the same time working as a state acknowledged higher education institute and the same time living in a symbiotic cooperation with the major Hungarian National Circus and Dance theatres, international state Dance and Circus schools and independent workshops, schools, companies, artists.

The school prepares artists, teachers and other performing arts related professionals on BA and MA levels who will be able to start their carrier on their selected field from big companies to small independent projects, from traditional shows to reserarch based innovative performances, clear genre creations to interdisciplinary artforms.

These goal are realized on the basis of an efficient, innovative and progressive contemporary pedagogy and communication culture in strong cooperation with experineced and young, Hungarian and international, conservative and innovative students, researchers and teachers. Pedagogical and creative processes are channeled in synergy with cultural events giving equal opportunities to handicapped and avarage minority and majority, poor and rich, mass and elit culture.

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