Contemporary Dance & Circus: BCDA – MACIVA Cooperation

Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy (BCDA) and the Hungarian Circus and Varieté Nonprofit Ltd. (MACIVA) have entered into a cooperation agreement.

The next two years between March 1st 2019 and June 30th 2021 BCDA  starts the foundation of a new, up-to-date, high-level educational and research center covering territories of performance arts in circus and contemporary dance with a strong presence in the European Higher Education Area in order to prepare Circus and Contemporary Dance performers, creative experts, teachers, technicians and organizers on BA and MA levels – based on prominent circus art experts’ professional experiences and the pedagogical, artistic and institution developmental results accumulated over the past three decades here.

MACIVA will move some of it’s activities to BCDA headquarters and will assist the operation of that infrastructure contributing both to current artistic, educational projects and developmental activities.

The cooperation has four main goals:

Long time cherished dream of circus artists may come true by bringing circus art to higher education level and rank

Contemporary dance education and research may find it’s sustainable and adecuate environment

The positioning of renewable circus art, primarily on the artistic fields of performing arts, based on the experiences of movement art, contemporary dance and theater.

Broad dissemination of performing arts, including non-verbal contemporary movement arts (contemporary dance, circus art), elaboration and development of educational specializations that create equal opportunities for cultivation and inclusion.

dr. Ivan Angelus
BCDA Founder / Rector

dr. Beáta Borsós

Gabor Jeno (1893-1968) ‘Acrobats’, 1933

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