No BA applications and auditions to BCDA for September 2021

Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy is in transition. After four decades of the constant development of the whole contemporary dance scene – including basic secondary and higher education and amateur levels – we went through critical times. We returned in spring 2019 to widen our scope of activities to cover all human movement based performing arts, integrating contemporary dance and circus arts and supporting technical, theoretical, organizational disciplines.

This is a complex work of renovating our pedagogical, legal, financial, infrastructural, and personal systems. We hope to launch the new courses step by step from 2022 September. If it will come true next BA applications and auditions will take place during the early spring of 2022.

This also means that in September 2021 we will not start working with a new generation of artists. No application, no auditions this spring. We know these times of very limited social activities, narrow possibilities of private and social interactions result in a heavy life period, especially for the upcoming young generations. Yes, it's a time of accumulation, silent development in a life period when one wishes to raise all kinds of relations… It is not a choice but a must. We have to benefit from this constellation. 

I can't promise, but I can work with our crew daily on the 2022 reopening of an even better BCDA .

Iván Angelus

Once the lockdown would soften, we plan to continue with offering technical classes and creative mentoring open for preparatory course students and professional dancers. Check for details in June.