Iván Angelus

He considers himself a man of theatre. Since 1979 he dances, creates dances, teaches dancers and dance teachers, he is founder of institutions of dance.

He is the Founder and Rector of Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy.
He is responsible for
– everyday functioning and the survival of the school in actual conditions
– artistic and pedagogical strategy
– teaching of Contemporary Dance Basics, Creativity, Learning and Social Integration Strategies
– helping dance teachers to develop their own teaching profile


– Contemporary Dance Basics
– Learning strategies
– Creative strategies

– Creation of Kilences, #9 – Creation of a 7 min. set composition based on structured improvisation
– Creation of Source – 18 min piece based on set materials created by the dancers upon their recorded dreams
Creative Children Dance for teachers
– Curriculum creating workshop
– Contemporary training making workshop
– VideoSelfy
– Summer Intensive on Contemporary Dance – group technique, individual coaching, tai chi, chi kong

– Curriculum development for Higher Education Institutions, Secondary Schools, Independent Studios
– Pedagogical problem solving
– Crisis treatment
– Teachers community self development


List of works
Favorit film made about him: Portrait film' 1988
Favorit film made by him: Kémhatás – 2014 
Favorit film he acted in: 1945

Education & Language Skills

PhD in Pedagogy
MA in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy
Diploma Teacher of History and Spanish Literature

Teaching languages: English, Hungarian
Communication: fluent in Spanish, basic communication: Russian, Italian, French, German