Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy will end preparing dancers and dance teachers.

Actual cultural, legal, administrative, financial and labor market conditions in Hungary do not allow to continue the training that was started in 1979 and continued on a higher education level after 2004. The BA level training of dancers and the MA level training of dance teachers will be completed on Monday the 14th June 2021 upon the decision of the founder/operator New Performing Arts Foundation.

The Academy will fulfill it's mission and all commitments until that date:
– will complete the formation of enrolled students
– announces auditions for 2 year MA level dance teacher course, both state an self sponsored  
– announces auditions to BA level professional contemporary dance training for advanced dancers with experience only who will be able to complete studies in a two year study period, self sponsored form only
– student loans, Erasmus grants remain available

Issued in Budapest, on Wednesday the 28th November.

dr. Iván Angelus
Founder / Curator of New Performing Arts Foundation
Founder / Rector of Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy

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