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13th April
Q: Some of you have asked about the possibility of watching the class later.
A: Unfortunately: no.


Dear Students and Alumni!

Let me quote the workshop info from the letter of István Simon::

Dear Ivan,
As mentioned earlier in our conversation, due to the actual pandemic situation, we have developed a project to supply digital lessons for professional dance students/graduates for different styles of dance. The project is called #ChemnitzMovesOn! and got funded by the “Fonds for Performing Arts” in Germany.

The “#ChemnitzMovesOn!” is a European Platform for exchange, workshops, and masterclasses for European Dance Institutions to provide for their students and graduates skills, knowledge, and competence of styles and techniques that shape European dance.

The series of workshops starts next week with 6x“Fighting Monkey” courses by Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetenea (April 12 – 23, 2021), followed by four Gaga / Dancers courses. (April 24 – May 10, 2021) Offers with Erion Kruja (formerly Hofesh Shechter), Repertoire Wayne McGregor and Jos Baker (Peeping Tom) and Forsythe Improvisation Technologies and Repertoire will follow in May and June. Please find attached the brochure and the poster of the workshop for further information.

You as an institution, your students and graduates can participate free of charge.

As the participation is for free, we had to make a frame to be able to oversee and to some extent limit the participation. 
·       We kindly ask you to please let your students know that recording of any kind or screenshots are not permitted for the participants.
·       Everyone is welcome to join from the schools, also teachers, but only if physically participating. (gentle participation wih marking also counts 🙂
·       To be able to maintain cohesion and a good group dynamic we kindly ask each student to plan well in advance and only leave the classes if necessary. 

The events will be recorded from our side and later short cuts and screenshots will be used for our website and social media. The students have to be informed about this fact in advance to be able to give their consent. 

Upon your interest, a soon registration would be much appreciated as it would help us greatly in the organization.

With thanks and best regards,

István Simon       
Programing Manager 

Please get informed on further details
Register through the query.