After attending classes at the Budapest Dance School he continued his studies at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). He was learning contemporary dance under the guidance of Miriam Friedrich, Tamás Bakó, Adrienn Hód, Iván Angelus, Réka Szabó, Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi, Geremy Nelson, Vanessa Justice, Matej Kejzar, Jozef Fruczek, Ana Mrak, Eleonore Valere, Anton Lachky. Furthermore he took part in repertory and other type of workshops organised by Ultima Vez.
As a dancer he performed in the pieces of Éva Duda, Tamás Bakó, Eleonore Valere, Diego Gil and Matej Kejzar.
David Miko showreel 


Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy – Contemporary Dance

Budapest Dance School – Contemporary Dance Workshop Series – Floorway
In the course there is a great emphasis put on floorwork, spirals and on how to use the body in a soften and energy-saving manner. The slow work on the ground gradually gets more and more dynamic until reaching the fastest speed that is possible. By improvising, the workshop participants acquire new information about their and the partners' bodies. In the taught choreographies jumps, slidings, rollings and hand stands also occur. One of the aims is to investigate the dancers' physical limits and the sensation of going beyond them.


Mitosis | 2016
Performers: Dorottya Podmaniczky, Dávid Mikó
Music: László Mádi