She started her dance studies at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, followed by a year of studies at the London Contemporary Dance School (the Place) and continuing as Joe Alegado's choreography and movement assistant for the past three years.


Budapest Dance School – Contemporary Dance Workshop Series – Limón-based modern dance
The goal is to bring the students to a state of mind and body where they can experience the physical expression of the Limón technique in its connection to the human spirit. The overall desire is to share with the students the range of movement between the two extremes of the suspension and the fall. In the exercises, we will explore the connection to the earth through the plie, the use of breath as a way of unblocking tension points in order to allow the weight of the skeletal structure to fall through space. The use of a pliant plie is important to help recover and rebound from such falls. The teacher's feeling is that all the elements stated above, when explored in depth, can give the dancer the foundation and the opportunity to improve their musicality, play with phrasing the music and transform their performance qualities into a high level expression of their personalities.




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