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Bachelor of Dancer and Coach (Theatrical Dances) with Circus Dance profile.

This three-year, full-time BA program prepares students primarily for dancing in the circus world.

The training is based on 

  • movement training
  • health preservation
  • coordination and isolation.

by practicing different dance styles:

  • classical ballet basics
  • Hungarian folk dance and dance culture of other peoples
  • jazz dance
  • fashion dances
  • ballroom dancing
  • revues
  • street dances
  • modern dance
  • contemporary dance
  • contact dance

as well as creativity, rehearsal management and social skills.

The professional practice is implemented in cooperation with the Capital Circus of Budapest and other partner circuses and theaters.

The aim of the training is:

– To provide students with an introduction to a wide variety of dance styles, to give them the necessary support to recognise the specificities of the genre and to acquire the necessary technical knowledge to master the differences between dance styles. To provide an insight into the broad spectrum of dance as performing art.
– To give students a basic training in circus art, enabling them to perform simple yet spectacular tricks in the air and on the floor. E.g. juggling, stilt walking, bungee jumping, air hoop, sway pole…
– To prepare students mentally and practically to conduct rehearsals, to coordinate a rehearsal process.
– To assist in the development of communication with colleagues and the media, through the use of professionals, and to learn targeted “self-marketing” to be successful in the field.
– Teaching professional and communicative manners and protocol.

Year I:
Grounding in the different dance styles, tailored to the individual.
Developing a sense of style.
Introduction to different circus genres.
Preparation of body and soul to perform circus genres, both on the ground and in the air.

Year II:
Immersion and specialization in the chosen circus genre.
Further expansion of the repertoire of stage dances already mastered.

Year III:
Practical training as a rehearsal director and stage dancer at the Capital Circus of Budapest and other partner institutions, and the completion of the Diploma thesis.


Our students will have the opportunity to meet foreign trainers and professionally active artists, as well as local professionals, and gain transferable knowledge as part of a creative community.

All of our courses are recognised in the European Higher Education Area. The College is a member of the Erasmus+ programme, which gives all students the opportunity to gain experience abroad through a study contract or work placement.



Open day at the Capital Circus of Budapest and the Circus Art Studio

Date: 13th of May 2023. 10.30–17.00

  • 10.30 Arrival, welcome
  • 11.00 Visiting of the performance “Spirit of Steppe”
  • 13.15 Lunch at the Artists’ Buffet of the Capital Circus of Budapest
  • 14.00 Meeting and getting to know the horses of the Capital Circus of Budapest
  • 15.00 Demonstration of the different fields of circus art and trying out of props 

Workshop at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy and the Circus Art Studio of Capital Circus of Budapest

Date: 10th of June 2023. 9.30–18.00

  • 9.30-10.00 warm-up
  • 10.00-11.00 show dance
  • 11.00-11.15 break
  • 11.15-12.15 folk dance based modern dance
  • 12.15-12.30 break
  • 12.30-13.30 bachata
  • 13.30-14.00 stretching
  • 14.00-15.00 lunch break
  • 15.00-18.00 After lunch, participants will have the opportunity to try out some of the circus’s artistic equipment (air hoop, tissue, jumping).

Summer camp in Szigetmonostor – Horány, Regatta Leisure Centre

Date: 7-9 July 2023.

In a beautiful natural environment, with its own Danube bank and harbour, in five dance halls, participants can get acquainted with the circus arts, circus dance and contemporary dance in full-day professional, artistic programme.

Three meals a day will be provided. Accommodation in 2-4 bedded rooms with bathroom. In addition to learning, there will be time for recreational activities and evening talks around the campfire.



Open day: 12 May 2023.

Workshop: 2 June 2023

Camp: 4 July 2023


Audition is a process that takes several months, with the aim of ensuring that the applicant and the school representatives have a clear understanding of the commitment to the several years of cooperation ahead. During the pre-audition period, the applicant gets to know the school and her/himself as thoroughly and deeply as possible. The audition itself is also an excellent opportunity to face up to the joys and difficulties that await you. Knowing the opportunities and challenges is a responsible way to start the preparation for a career as a professional dancer, which requires an extraordinary amount of energy. For those who are accepted, the school will organise a Summer Creative Week, during which students can get to know each other and lay the foundations for the start of their work together in September.


You can apply for the 2023/24 academic year by filling in the Application form.



Location: Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy

At the admission test we want to know about the candidate:

– how much experience you have in the field of dance

– whether you have the talent for the chosen career

– whether you are physically, mentally and emotionally suitable for the training and the chosen career.

– whether your abilities and professional orientation are such that you can be prepared for the chosen career through the pedagogical path offered by BCDA.

During the audition process, a simultaneous practical and aptitude test will be held simultaneously.

The aptitude test is an attempt to gain an objective and comprehensive picture of the motivation of the candidates and to identify their receptiveness and possible paths of development in the areas of development, creativity, performance and creative practice. The process will be rounded off with a discussion focusing on cultural and personal interests, particularly in the areas of circus, theatre, music, dance and visual arts.

The aptitude test is part of the practical test. During the admission procedure, the selection board may give a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ mark. A single ‘fail’ mark in the examination will disqualify the applicant from further admission. Calculation of admission points: points obtained during the admission procedure will be taken into account; points obtained during the admission procedure will not be taken into account.


First day

9.30 – Arrival / Registration / Individual warm-up

10.00 – Introduction

10.30 – Dance class

12.00 – Lunch break, relax, chat

13.00 – Dance class and short solo presentations

16.00 – Individual discussions

Day 2

9.30 – Arrival / Registration / Individual warm-up

10.30 – Dance class

12.00 – Lunch break, rest, discussion

13.00 – Dance class and short solo presentations

16.00 – Individual discussions


Students pay a registration fee and tuition fee.
The registration fee is 800 € in the first semester and 200 € for each following semester.
The tuition fee is 2300 € / semester.

In order to make art education widely accessible, a Rector’s Scholarship will be offered for the academic year 2023/2024, which will be awarded upon request, based both on social and merit criteria and the current possibilities of the school.

Payment in instalments is possible by individual agreement.

If you are having problems paying your tuition fees in one lump sum at the beginning of the semester or if you have housing difficulties, we recommend applying for a student loan. You can find detailed information about the current schemes, options and application procedures on the Student Loan Centre website.



How can I apply for the BA in Dancer and Coach (Circus Dance) starting in 2023?

As part of the BCDA audition process, you must complete and submit the application form to the College.

What can I expect in the admission procedure?

The admission consists of a practical part (dance classes), a simultaneous aptitude test and a personal interview. During the interview and the practical classes, we will get a comprehensive and complex picture of each other, which will help us all to decide on a mutual commitment to work together in the future.

What is the aptitude test?

The aptitude test is part of the practical exam. We look at how well you are physically, mentally and in general health to enable you to successfully participate in the training.

What can I expect at the interview?

The most important aspect of the interview is to give room for curiosity about each other, reflecting on the essay topics submitted and getting a comprehensive, complex picture of each other in an informal discussion.

What is the language of the interview?

The language of admission is Hungarian and/or English.

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