AJDa – A Joint Dance AdVenture from Hungary presents: CSÁNGÓBUGI | HAIDAU | GYÖNYERŐ


TRAFÓ – 20.00. 21st and/or 22nd December 2015
AVIGNON FESTIVAL – planned summer 2016
EDINBOROUGH FESTIVAL – planned summer 2016
RUSSIAN TOUR – planned for 2016 September/October



A Joint Dance AdVenture – from Hungary
The joint venture of Budapest Contemporary Dance Creative Workshop and Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy
proudly presents:




is a  joint dance venture of Budapest Contemporary Dance Creative Workshop and Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy.
It is a project pick up company organized by a special group of dancers trained in BCDA.

These dancers – a group of about 30 people – have got a unique knowledge, a special mix of three territories: skills in
contemporary dance,
Hungarian folk dance and
innovative creative methods
taught and learned on equally high level.

The constant wish of unifying these values in a production open for wider audiences too, led to the creation of 3 successful pieces in the last 6 years – ready to present now.

The founder and creative producer of the company is Iván Angelus the founder/rector of BCDA. The creative method that led to these pieces is unique and different at each piece. The three of them root in the  material at the folk dance classes of  Zoltán Farkas Batyu, and the creation of each piece started with student improvisations.

HAIDAU ('15) is the oldest of the pieces, the first version was presented in 2009 in Trafó Theatre Budapest, since that time it had minimum 10 different versions including street and theatrical and two video versions, and it is changed from performance to performance and cast to cast. However the dances and the composition of duets, trios are mostly created by the dancers themselves and the outline of the structure comes from Iván Angelus, most of the details of the choreography can be connected to Márton Csuzi. Music: Mihály Dresch

 GYÖNYERŐ ('16) was first presented in MU Theatre the spring of 2014. A conscious research of traditional and popular contemporary dances – old and actual "folk" dances – preceded the composition of the piece realized by the dancers of the first cast. Only the final putting together was led by the director Angelus.

CSÁNGÓBUGI ('13) can be connected to the choreographic initiative and leadership of Sándor Petrovics however the five dancers of the piece feel "responsible" for every little detail. Music: Zurgó.



is the newest of the three pieces – reconstructs basic forms of community dances in fusion with lyric and ecstatic scenes in an environment of music and movement traditions of a medieval diaspora of Hungarians living in Moldavia.



is based on the study of Transylvanian male dances. Rhytmic group dances frame the virtuoso scenes of the boys' dances, while a short "love story" appears in the heart of the piece.




is based on the research of "Mezőségi" dances: dynamic balance of spiraling weights, stops, circular impulses, static and dynamic supports. The results of these researches have shown common features with contemporary street dances. The fusion of all these characters resulted an extremely polychrome palette of dances leading to a grand-finale of the performance.

The piece has been nominated to Laban prize in 2015, as one of the most outstanding dances created in 2014 in Hungary.


 Joint Dance adVenture


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