Goli DanceSpace

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H-1036 Budapest Perc utca 2. Second Floor


The New Performing Arts Foundation has developed complex and integrated contemporary dance cultural system. From the age of 6 to the elderly, from beginners to teachers’ training, from dance training to networking with the arts, we provide services. Coexistence of generations and stages has a stimulating interaction for all participants, while significantly improving the utilization of the infrastructure.
The material conditions are provided by the Foundation at Goli DanceSpace (Goli Tánchely), which has been developed since 1999 by incorporating the equipment of the Creative Movement Studio founded in 1983.
The studios are operated by New Performing Arts the largest “tenant” is the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy (BCDA) and the Contemporary Creative Workshop (CCW). The remaining time zones are utilized by tenants who also contribute to the operation and who are also engaged in professional activities.

General description of dance studios:

All of our rooms are suitable for dance, creative and individual work. Our larger dance halls (1-2), adapted to the average stage size, are suitable for main rehearsals and home shows. The choice of additional halls provide opportunities for different phases of the creative and production work.

Standard equipment for dance studios includes:

Special three-layer elastic dance floor vocered by graboplast linoleum. Mirrors are covered by curtains and opened when required. Ceiling height provides adequate air space. Flexible control of heating and ventilation is automatized. From summer 2016, studio 1 and 2 are air-conditioned. Soundproof walls and doors. Powerful stereo amplifing system with plug in and bluetotth conection, built-in speakers, CD player, computer that provides continuous access to the entire school audio archive (117 GB MP3 music). Additional services of each studio are listed in the table below.

Users with non profit activity should go through Contemporary Creative Workshop registration
Tenants should submit renter’s query.


Studio Size Equipments Price
(60 min)
(April 1-October 31)
(60 min)
(November 1-March 31)
Big 14 x 11 m three-layered ship floor with grabboard linoleum cover
curtain mirror wall
ribbed wall, ballet rods
sound system, piano
  11.000.- Ft  15.000.-Ft
Theatre 13 x 11 m three-layered ship floor with grabboard linoleum cover
sound system, piano
ballet rods
rollable mirrors
side wall that opens to the club
  10.000.-Ft   14.000.-Ft
Small 6 x 10 m three-layered ship floor with grabboard linoleum cover
sound system
curtain mirror wall
   5.000.-Ft    7.000.-Ft
Ballet 10 x 10 m three-layered ship floor with grabboard linoleum cover
sound system, electric piano
ballet rods
curtain mirror wall
  6.000.-Ft   8.000.-Ft


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