What comes next?

Public events – BCDA students are preparing for

January 18. – intensive course audition
February 15. application deadline for Hungarian citizens for state sponsored teachers’ MA course
February 16. OpenAct public home presentation and Carnival Party
March 25-30. MU Színház workshop week
March 31. application deadline for self financed 2 years Dancer BA and self financed 2 years Dance Teacher MA
May 7. Trafó Performance – One Way, Portraits
June 6-9. Share/Bratislava Festival (Intermezzo, When you brush, +)
June 13., 17., 18.  BA and MA Thesis defense
June 14. OpenAct public home presentation and Farewell Party
July Kamenjak Fesztivál project – Tijen Lawton
August Sziget Fesztivál project – Angelus Iván

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