Luca Dömötör – dance
Viola Lévai – dance
Balázs Németh – music
Tamás Boldi Hoffmann – music

Bettina Németh – costume design
Mátyás Major – lightplan

UNI is a prefix in latin for numerous words, like UNIversal, UNIty, UNIverse, … All they mean a combination of many. But UNI is also one, and alone. This controversy is the base of this piece. Two dancers and two musician submerge in vibration, experimenting with the overlapping resonance of sound and movement. The performers are in continuous search of the infinite time through simple,organic patterns and complex motives that contain the ability of dynamic recharge by jumping between their energy levels. 

Luca Dömötör and  Viola Lévai Viola finished their professional contemporary danse studies at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy maintained by New Performing Arts Foundation.

The production was supported by the New Performing Arts Foundation and the Balassi Institute in Warsaw within the framework of the Hungarian Cultural Year in Poland and of the project 'Time and Dance' of SÍN Arts and Culture Centre and Fundacja Cialo Umysl. The piece will be premiered at the Cialo Umysl Festival in Warsaw in October 2017.