Summer Open Air Performance Possibility in Kamenjak/Croatia

Dear students!
I have got two letters from Rajko Pavlic. Please share your opinion and write about your initiaves in order to contact them through the school. Please do not contact them directly representing the school without the agreement of it. 

First letter:

Second letter:
Dear Ivan,
Thank you for your interest. We would be delighted to come to your students if they will have an interest. I've also seen your program, I think it's quite similar. It would be good to connect the continental part of Europe with the seaside of Europe.
Except from giving the artist an opportunity to work in our camp, we each year collaborate with a dance academy from Europe and organize a residency. This is Trinity Laban and the next Iwanson from Munich.
If there is interest in you, we can arrange for your academy to visit Kamenjak and that some of your professors will hold a residence with four dancers from the academy and four dancers from Croatia. This is a smaller project that has a presentation on Kamenjak and then in autumn in Zagreb. We can get details / financial and others/ if there is interest from you. Until then, I hope that among your students will be of interest to work on your projects at Kamenjak.

Best regards ,