STEP BY STEP – BCDA in TRAFÓ – 20. December 2017.


Dearest Spectator !

There is no step-by-step manual to art pieces. However every creation is produced step by step. How big those steps are, depends on the artist, the production, the circumstances. If one step is too big, it's easy to fail. If it's too small, it gets very boring for the artist and the audience as well.  In a school (or a company) the director's, the master's, the mentor's task is helping the (young) artists to find the proper step-size in every individual case, at every individual step. Talent means that you know where do you want to get. To be skilled means you find out also how to get there. We – students and mentors of these pieces – have worked for four months to bring this for you. Let us humbly ask for your understanding and indulgence for what you don't like in our work and let's encourage you to find what you can enjoy in it. Hope You will find it.


Studio – 19.00

«« Szász Zsófi: Zenebona (3) »»
«« Dániel Attila : Piramisjáték (6) »» 
«« Alejandra Rosas : Facetas (7) »» 
«« Alja Branc : Manufacture of immoral people (15) »»

Stage – 20:00

«« Jacsó Anna: Shy (13)  »»
«« Virva Torkko: Issue (15) »»
«« Vágner Orsolya: Szösszenetek (10) »»
«« Franziska Doffin: Kocka (13) »»
«« Ivona Medic: Self Manual (15) »»
«« Vágner Orsolya: Vampire (3) »»
«« Gaja Caruso: Pigeons (15) »» 

Club – 21.30

«« Yrsa Heijkenskjöld: LOL (5) »» 
«« Julija Pecnikar: Yugo Machina (15) »»

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