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E-mails, Phone # Gaja Rupnik Caruso +386 51 200 253 Anita Kurõljova +37258051903 Ivona Medić +385995005291 Alja Branc +38631437367 Farkas Kámea Dominika +36 70 2286494 Zakernychna Kristina +380634732125 Szász Zsófia +36 70 978 4568 Vigh Dorottya Mária +36 30 3247301 Jerneja Fekonja +36 31 843 645 Franziska Doffin +4917638656597

I shared it (without asking for your permission,) as having at hand each other's number can be necessary now.
Please ask to delete your numbers after the project if you wish.

Final performance and rehearsal schedule

No info on concrete performance and setup time yet
BCDA performance
Friday 7th.

Workshop program
No info if we have to apply, when and how – yet
Tamás workshop:
Saturday 8th June / 10.00 – 12.00 

Workshop application

Date: 6th June 2019
Station: Nepliget
Departure: 9.55
Arrival: 12.45

Bratislava – Budapest 
Date: 9th June 2019
Station: Most SNP
Departure: 14.00
Arrival: 16.45

Travel list:

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Gaja Anita
Kámea Dóri
Ivona Kristina
Zsófi Neja
Franzi Alja
Iván Tomi

Room list:
(If you want to change your room number give me a final list after arrival in order to find you if necessary)

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Travel decision:
Dear Ivan, 
I asked people about their travel plans and we all agreed to go together with flixbus at 9.55 on Thursday morning. 
Should everyone write to you individually or how would you like to proceed? 

Phone query if you haven't sent it yet