BCDA performance schedule: January – June 2017

BCDA is not a company, it is a school where learning is the main focus. However as it is a performing art school creating and performing is an integral part of the curriculum. This year we have even more possibilities to meet audiences publicly:

HOME PRESENTATIONS – in BCDA Studios presenting the resultls of the student's research and creative work. At the end of each study period. Open for the public upon registration. Next period between 6-17 February. 
ÉCLIPSE – Performance direceted by Csaba Molnár, former student of Budapest Dance School – Trafó –  20th January.
VERNISSAGE – MODEM/Debrecen – 11th February
BCDA WORKSHOP WEEK – MU Theatre – 27th March – 1. April
DAY OF DANCE CELEBRATION – School Event with the Basic Art Students of Gyöngyi Füsi former student of Budapest Dance School – 29th April
INVITATION TO SHOCK ACADEMIA – Vilnius Lithuania- 27th – 30th of April
THE FESTIVAL OF DANCE – Veszprém – 23-28. May
LINE-BUDAPEST – street performance cooperation with Nikhil Chopra in the framework of a Documenta 14 project – 26-29. May
BEATLES DRAFTS – Trafó – 27-28, 29-30 May

+ spontaneous street performances of students to gain experience and money

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