NIKHIL CHOPRA / LINE / DOKUMENTA 14 | Budapest / Óbuda / Fő tér | 31. May – 1. June

The event was forbidden by the coordinated activities of the Local Government of Óbuda headed by Balázs Bús, the Police Headquarters of Budapest and the Budapest II-III- District Court. At least it was realised on a private property.

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As seen in the article unfortunately even the objective press and their legal advisors agree the above mentioned authorities that culture and art can not be part of free social communication.


The visual artist / performer from Goa/India in cooperation with the crew of Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy will present a 3 day public manifestation of love and freedom in the framework of his LINE PROJECT – DOKUMENTA 14. – ATHENS / KASSEL. 

The event will take place in Budapest / Óbuda / Fő tér – from Wednesday noon to Friday noon the 31st May – 1st June. Please feel free to join us.

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Photo from Balkon Art Review

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