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Institutions founded and projects initiated by New Performing Arts Foundation – Budapest Dance School, Budapest Contemporary Dance and Music Basic and Secondary School, Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, Contemporary Arts Creative  Workshop, Creative Garden, etc. – communicate through a wordpress based site. and are the two domains as two "pages" of the same site. Each article is a "site note" related to one or the other – the Hungarian or the English – domain. The two pages are often translations or similar but sometimes there are notes for just one of the two languages. Rarely there are site notes in other languages like Russian, Espanol, Portuguese, or others.

Since 2015 the online communication became central and vital with the International and Hungarian, the external and internal public of the above mentioned activities. Password defended Intranet page is serving the student, teacher, worker, partner communication.

The site has about 10 000 visitors a year from cca.120 countries. Bit more htan the half of the visitors is Hungarian, the avarege reading time is about two and a half minutes. Returning visitors participation has grown from 1/5 to 1/4. After some monthes of important attacks against the site we succeded to improve the stability of it and some quality improvements were made in design and content as well. We remainded conservative related to fashion trends of other online communication forms, and use some of them only to bring visitors to the site.   

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