"Graduates of the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy (the school that produces a majority of the most stimulating Hungarian dancer/choreographers), understand how to be curious and open to new influences, how to explore, research and play, how to work with discipline and rigor, how to trust their instincts yet be discerning."

Éva Karczag – Dancer, Choreographer, Former dancer in Trisha Brown Company, Guest Teacher at BCDA 

"It was a very positive experience for me to visit BCDA. I saw motivated and dedicated students being taught to a high level by inspiring teachers – everything in a well structured school with a familiar ambience."

Kent Sommer Mortensen – Headmaster Balletskolen Holstebro

"My pedagogical experience at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy is constantly very stimulating, both as a teacher and as a performing artist.  The students generally appear  to have a wild and sparkling energy, that at the same time does not detract from their ability to focus on more subtle work. They are curious, devoted, generous, and trustful with a respectable sense of critique. They are able to take and digest information quickly, which makes them incredibly versatile and capable to shifting from one dance style to another with ease."

Marco Torrice

 "És ha már a táncnál tartunk: az is érdekes szempont, hogy milyen a viszonya a szakmának az Angelus Iván fémjelezte vonallal, a Budapest Tánciskolával, amely most úgy érzem, legközelebb van ahhoz, ami külföldön a tánc világában történik, és ami egy nagyon különleges ötvözete a kintről jövő hatásoknak és a saját tradícióknak. Kis közösség ugyan, de nagyon kreatív, náluk kell majd a jövőt keresni, ha nem teszik őket tönkre".

"Speaking about dance: it’s interesting how the rest of the dance community relates to the trend hallmarked by Iván Angelus, the Budapest Dance School. As far as I feel that is closest to what happens in the world of dance abroad. It is a very special brand of influences coming from outside and our own traditions. Small community but very creative. We have to look for our future there, if they won’t be destroyed."

Szabó György – Director Trafó

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