Goli Dance Space


STUDIOSSizeRental fee (per hour)
(Big Studio)
14 x 11 m8 000 HUF
(Theatre Studio)
13 x 11 m7 500 HUF
(Small Studio)
6 x 10 m3 500 HUF
(Ballet Studio)
10 x 10 m4 500 HUF
  • Do not hurt yourself, your mates and your environment!
  • It is strictly forbidden to step into the studios with street shoes.
  • Smoking, littering, eating and drinking (except mineral water) is forbidden in the studios.
  • The teacher starts and finishes classes on time, maximum 5 minutes delay.
  • Do not enter late.
  • No photos, videos without the previous permission of the staff and the teacher!
  • Participants and audience should follow rules.

Please find info on our Hungarian site,
including more fotos, infrastructure details and prices