Forrás was created and premiered first in 2008 in Trafó. The 2018 version is a reset of the originial. The concept, the creativ method, the music and the set design didn't change. The dancers, their dreams, the recordings of their dreams, teh musicality of the texts, the movement sequences created upon them and their composition is new.

Dancers, Creative partners / Táncosok, alkotótársak: Ivona Medic, Till Jenewein, Gaja Caruso, Alja Branc, Jacsó Anna, Julija Pecnikar, Franziska Doffin, Virva Torkko, Justine Coppette, Jerneja Fekonja
Zene: Gioacchino Rossini: La gazza ladra – Ouverture
Very special thanks to / Köszönet: Braun András for the painting used for the space and light design / A tér és fény kialakításához használt festmény rendelkezésre bocsátásáért.
Light, music, video operator / Fény, zene, videó kezelő: Angelus Hanna
Thanks to Trafó technical crew  / Köszönet a Trafó technikai csapatának
Director, stage and light design, / Látvány, Rendezés: Angelus Iván


A Creation by Guest Choreographer 
Tijen Lawton 
in collaboration with the dancers of 
Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy
Alja Branc (SLO), Gwen Bechler (D), Gaja Caruso (SLO),  Justine Copette (B), Franziska Doffin (D), Dániel Attila (HU), Debreczenyi Márton (HU), Jerneja Fekonja (SLO), Alejandra Hernández (COL),  Jacsó Anna (HU), Till Jenewein (D), Ivona Medić (CRO), Petra Pecek (SLO), Julija Pecnikar (SLO), Virva Torkko (FIN), Vágner Orsolya (HU) and light technician Angelus Hanna (HU)
Music: Sleep – Godspeed You! Black | Lascia ch’io pianga – George Frideric Handel (Veronica Cangemi & Una Stella) | 
On Battleship Hill – P. J. Harvey
25 minutes
produced by Iván Angelus – Founder/Rector BCDA

My body lives a life of its own, yet there are moments when the walls of the mind grow thin, when nothing is unabsorbed, we go on filled with lingering sensations, breasting the world with half finished phrases, these are the things that for ever interrupt the process upon which I am eternally engaged of finding some perfect phrase that fits this very moment exactly…

"My aim of endeavour is to keep moving, sharing and challenging myself, defining and redefining movement to find the beauty, liberation, despite the dangers and the fear… the exposing of bare energy is my motivation and questioning the internal limit of thinking as inspired by the purity and complexity of the body and the life it lives."

My privilege & goal with the talented, open and creative dancers of BCDA & Rögeszme/Obsession was to work with them to understand their  body further than their common ways and search deeper in order to create what is unexpected, to challenge the physical intelligence, strength and movement capacity through persistence and patience, searching for the precision, intention and intensity of movement through a form of body consciousness, breaking limits in order to be innovative, impulsive and instinctive through the continuous, ongoing questioning of the body as a communicative vessel.

Work in progress premiers:
MU Theatre / Budapest – 8th March
Share Festival/2 – Skopje/Macedonia – 20th April
Performance for students – Trafó – House of the Contemporary Arts – 14.00, 28th May
Trafó – House of the Contemporary Arts – 20.00, 29th May

Fotó: Csányi Krisztina

The production was made possible by the help of Erasmus Program of the EU, NKA program and EMMI of the Hungarian State, Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány and the devoted work of the participants.


Our desires transform into movement // our fears into sweat

MELTING POT is composed of variable and heterogeneous groups of artists, within different background or dance studies, and adapts its shape and focus according to the contexts where it is presented. The work is often used as a pedagogical method or is ‘performed’ in recreational contexts such as dance/music festivals and parties or is organized in own events, often in collaboration with other art/music collectives, such as Voodoohop (BR – DE) , Global Hybrid (BE) and Rebel Up (BE),  trying to include communities that are generally far from ‘contemporary art’.

The concept of Melting Pot is created by Marco Torrice, as part of his research on finding a dance practice, focusing more on the ‘social’ aspect of dance rather then only the performative one. The concept travels through main European dance hubs, and it is performed by the dancers living in these places.

The experience is about melting together improvisation scores with performance, pedagogical space with a party, diverse people, dance experiences and liberated emotions and energies. Moving through and breaching the cultural and categorical bounds in contemporary dance, the work aims to facilitate the exchange between different dance styles, but also culture and communities, and to give way to the possibility of sensing and building a certain kind of shared consciousness allowing people to feel united.

MARCO TORRICE is a former student of P.A.R.T.S. / Performing Arts Research and Training Studios Marco Torrice worked for different choreographers such as Thomas Hauert, Jerom Bell, for the Hungarian dance company Hodworks, and for the Belgian dance companies Mossoux-Bontè and Rosas. He also worked as choreographer and teaches in different dance schools such as the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, SEAD and at TanzFabrik in Berlin. In 2016 he started developing a dance practice, focusing more on the ‘social’ aspect of dance rather then only the performative one. 

DJ SET – Illsyll (BE) – 
LIGHT OPERATOR – Katalin Bitó (HU)

WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF THE DANCERS – students of Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy
Alja Branc (SLO), Gwen Bechler (D), Gaja Caruso (SLO),  Justine Copette (B), Franziska Doffin (D), Dániel Attila (HU), Debreczenyi Márton (HU), Jerneja Fekonja (SLO), Alejandra Hernández (COL),  Jacsó Anna (HU), Till Jenewein (D), Ivona Medić (CRO), Petra Pecek (SLO), Julija Pecnikar (SLO), Virva Torkko (FIN), Vágner Orsolya (HU)

WITH THE SUPPORT OF – VGC Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (BE) , RainbowHouse (BE), Volksroom (BE), Global Hybrid Records (BE), Les Brigittines, PlayHouse for Movements (BE), BCDA – Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy (HU).