Creative Week / BCDA BA 2019


The central question of artists' education is if  creativity is something given, brought by the future artist or it is something to develop? School can contribute to your talent or not? I am in artists' development, and self development since about 1970 – almost fifty years – because I believe and experience that if one brings his existing creativity into the cooperation between the master and the disciple, his creativity can be developed through this cooperation. 
In order to develop creativity we must have a clear idea: what it is? Creativity – in my view – is the individual way of managing the information you have gathered to solve tasks. Actually everybody does it also without any special learning: everybody does things on his own way. 
It's very much like the story of the seed and the gardener. If the seed is healthy, the soil is prepared, we give time and proper nutrition, we remove the weeds, fine results will crown the process.
A professional artist has something more. A professional artist gathers all the available information and is aware of what he knows and what he doesn't. A professional artist is aware of what is universal and what is individual in his art activity. A professional artist uses that knowledge on a reflective, a conscious way. A performing artist – as a dancer – must be able to reproduce the creation day by day, performance by performance.
When you finish a dance school you yourself and your mates, teachers, active participants of dance life must be sure that you can do everything that other dancers can, and you can do everything a bit differently, on your way, plus you know something else, something special as well. This is why we are here this week.
To make it function, to make it efficient, to leave out everything unnecessary – private issues, constant online contacting external world, ways you do things "usually", "drugs" (including cigarettes and alcohol), – and profit of meeting, confronting with a new environment, with new tasks, new approaches of the same tasks, a different self of you, a new group of people.  Concentrate on the tasks and experience that come out by solving them. Eat and drink, sleep enough. Enjoy being in a National Park, being close to nature.


Please find the actualized version of the program calendar on the Intranet as usual.
Find the list of actual students there as well.
Please answer special meal info and declare cooperation on the query you get in e-mail.
Bring shoes: We'll work barefoot in the tent, use outdoor sport shoes for movement when necessary, and use indoor slippers inside the houses, no ballet-, no folkshoes this week.
Bring enough training dresses, private dresses for cold and warm, sunny and rainy weather.
Bring your hardcover, A/5 or bigger, plane page dance notebook even if certain notes will be done digitally.
Avoid to come ill either physically or mentally.
Arrive in time as on the calendar. You all know how to get here, Milica Tancic – our new student – may need help.


First day afternoon "visit card"
find a place in or close (5-10 minutes walk) to Creative Garden
create a place for your audience and 
meet us, "present yourself" greet us, with your dance

early morning programs  
– 8 Brocades 
– Chi Kong
– Tai Chi – 24 form

morning training
Contemporary Dance with Tamás Bakó

creative tasks
Icosahedron Research
Solos and/or Group Creations

preparations for school year
conversations on next year Teachers, Classes, Creative Program, Erasmus plans, Presence, Health, Cooperation,  …

Cleanup and cooking, Rehearsals, Presentations
Please check the three worksheets in the file, we will fill it