CANCELLATION of Share Festival/4 – Budapest 9-12 June 2020

Due to the global epidemic and the Hungarian reactions on it there is no more hope to organize our meeting as we planned. Wish you more benefits and experiences than damages and losses.

Hope to meet you May/June 2021.

3rd of May 2020 Budapest

Iván Angelus

The Originally Planned Info:

Dance Academies – State Recognized Higher Education Institutions – from Central and East Europe, students and teachers meet anually to SHARE their artistic and pedagogical achivements on the field of contemporary dance and related art forms. After the former Festivals: 2017 Bratislava, 2018 Stip, 2019 Bratislava, in 2020 Budapest will host IV. SHARE Festival – Budapest 2020.


Academy of Performing Arts – Bratislava, Slovakia – APA –
Anton Bruckner University – Linz, Austria  – ABU –
Dance and Music Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic – HAMU – : 
Interart Culture Centre – Skopje, North Macedonia- ICC –
Konzervatoř Duncan Centre – Prague, Czech Republic – DC –
Latvian Academy of Culture –  Riga, Latvia – LAC –
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre – Vilnius, Lithuania – LAM –
Music and Arts, University of the city of Vienna, Austria – MUK-

Hungarian Dance schools will be invited to participate at Festival events. 

Institution Data Query

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SHARE Festival 2020 Registration Form
Upon your answers a detailed query will be composed in March with relevant question to submit it during the month of April. 

Program Elements

Students' work – research and choreography – demonstrations
Jam sessions
Panel discussions

Program Calendar

Public Google Calendar
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to make it comfortable add it to your own google calendar with the + sign in the lower right corner of the calendar, than you can switch it on/off and can delete it after the Festival


Hungarian National Dance Theatre (HNDT) in Millenáris Park:

HNDT was fully renovated and inaugurated last year, the crew of HNDT is commited to offer the highest level technical services.
In order to be able to concentrate on important issues we will make technical things like stage set up etc. as easy, quick and fluent as possible:
We will provide a preset design of stage and lights and audio at each venue, production technical leaders will have to program only,
and offer the possibility of a limited number of special, additional technical possibilities (like 1-2 profiles from a special angle, etc.) to each production.
Below I shortlist main technical set up of each venue 

Main Auditorium
wide: 12 m (of 14)
deep: 10 m (of 22)
high: 8 m (of 9)
black dance linoleum, black back drop, black side legs

Studio Theatre
wide: 9.,6 m
deep: 10 m
high: 7 m
black dance linoleum, black back drop, black side legs

Dance Studios
8 m * 8 m or
16 m * 8 m or
16 m * 10 m open air under roof

Open Air Stage
Conference Room


Students – double or triple rooms
Teachers – private room
Breakfast included


4th Edition SHARE Festival Budapest 2020

Budapest Kortárstánc Főiskola / Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy
1036 Budapest Perc utca 2.

Nemzeti Táncszínház – Hungarian National Dance Theatre

Festival Team

Festival Manager – Coordination, Accomodation, Administration, Transports, Information

Technical Director – Set up, lights, audio, video

Festival Program Coordinator – Worskhops, Performances and Assistant to Festival Director
Kamilla Reidl – General Secretary BCDA

Festival Program Coordinator – Exhibition, Panel Discussions and Assistant to Festival Director
Petra Péter – Head of International Affairs, Theoretical Studies, Project Management at BCDA

Festival Director
Iván Angelus – Founder/Rector BCDA
In case of any accident, urgency, havaria call Kamilla or Petra


Miroslava Kovárova – Founder of SHARE Festival
EMMI – Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources
Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány
All Participants

Special Thanks to:
Péter Fekete – State Secretary of Culture of Ministry of Human Resources 
Péter Ertl – Director Nemzeti Táncszínház 
Yvette Bozsik – Member of Advisory Board of Nemzeti Táncszínház