Budapest Contemporary Performing Artist Education Method

Nil nocere! Do not harm!

We cooperate with young humans searching their way as an
ethical human being
responsible intellectual,
talented artist,
apt dancer.

He/she is in the center of our work

Our teachers are charismatic personalities:
ethical persons
responsible as social beings
talented as teachers
know everything about dance and dance teaching as a profession.

Each dancer is different.
Each carrier is different.
Each formation is different.

Individual work is in the center of our teaching.
Group work prepares individual work
Personalized coaching helps individual work
Mentored creative work helps talent development
School community educates social skills

Actual curriculum is based on the harmony of
innovation and tradition
teachers’ skills and students orientation
vocational and artistic development
cooperation and autonomy
individuality and community

We believe in win/win games
We are the best on our own way.

Angelus Iván
Pilisszentkereszt, beginning of September 2019