DANCE & MUSIC – OPEN FOR EVERYBODY – Budapest Basic Art School


TIMETABLE 2017/2018

With a regular tuition fee Budapest Basic Art School is open for everyone.
We propose future students to visit courses before application and payment.
Pay please one month in advance before the 8th of the previous month.
Ask for installment if necessary.
Pay 10% less for your  second child.
Whole month fees are to be paid when a minimum of 6 classes/month are offered, no additional payment is asked when 9 classes/month are taught. 
Fees are non-refundables.


Piano, wind instruments, strings, drums, guitar, accordion, …

1. Fill the application form.
2. Send it:
or Bring it to our reception desk: Budapest III. Perc utca 2. 2nd floor.
3. Meet your teacher: Bring your favorite songs, or pieces..

September - June120 000 HUF



Magyarul is olvasható / Read about it in Hungarian too