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BCDA offers professional contemporary dance training in English
dancer’s BA, teacher’s MA, secondary school, preparatory and amateur levels are available.

Professional Contemporary Dancer BA level is suggested to those who want to become a dancer, ages 18+. In our concept the balance and harmony of the different territories determine the success of the learning process. These territories include traditional and innovative dance languages, creativity, theory, learning strategies. Our curriculum is based on the conviction that a dance performer’s art is built around her/his body.
Teacher’s MA is designed for dancers with previous contemporary dance studies and experience. The program concentrates on pedagogy and theory. It takes two years in general, one year in special cases. Students may join to practical classes as well.
Secondary school – high school – program is similar to the BA program but designed for students 14+. The general subjects (mathematics, literature, history, …) are taught on the same high level, but only in Hungarian.
Intensive Preparatory year or semester can be helpful for the talented applicant who still misses skills and experiences, or necessary command of English in order to start real professional studies.


leads to a final audition, and helps applicants to take a good decision before starting any of the programs.  Pre-selection process is not obligatory however is warmly advised. Prospective students get all necessary information to see in depth if our programs really respond to her/his needs or not. In case of a coincidence of wishes and reality the school’s experienced team gives personal orientation to the students. Members of our selection team try to go close to your home and – with your help – organize a one day free workshop as a kind of demo version of a real audition. Best applicants will be encouraged to take part at the final audition in Budapest the 5-6-7th of June 2014. The process will help to filter irresolvable obstacles such as injures, diseases, etc. too. Final decisions will be based on the committee-members opinion and taken by the rector/president of the school upon the complex and thorough understanding of the applicants’

  • motivation
  • creativity/talent
  • natural movement capacities
  • knowledge of learned dance and movement languages
  • learning strategies
  • cooperative and communication skills
  • existential background


at BCDA is based on experiences gathered the last thirty years and developed day by day. Most important notion is the constant search of a healthy individual balance.

  • traditional and innovative dance and other movement systems
  • creativity,
  • social skills.

Any tradition or innovation is useful and necessary for the dancer of tomorrow and the teacher of the after-tomorrow if it’s taught and elaborated on the highest level.

Hungarian Folk Dance is one of the essential elements that is a unique knowledge of the dancers coming from this school.
Classical Ballet is another constant element of the curriculum, taught on a very high level of understanding of it’s function for the contemporary dancer.
Ancient martial art forms relaxation, yoga and meditation systems are another element of the tradition.
Modern and postmodern dance techniques mean a stair from tradition to innovation.
Innovative techniques are included upon three main criteria: the coherence of the material, the adequate pedagogical methods, and the authentic personality of the teacher.


of the school’s vocational, creative and pedagogical program resulted successful carriers to former students. Students after school have created their own companies, have danced in international companies, became free lance dancers, started to teach dance, have followed their studies or became successful in non dancing professions.

Former students are internationally known as prepared, devoted, dancers, reliable members of their communities. Observers highlight their independence and focused creativity.


  • former students of the school, who are the most authentic mediators of it’s unique character,
  • internationally known contemporary dance teachers, who bring recent international trends close,
  • outstanding professors of traditional styles, who teach these forms on a transferable way, open to the future.


in cooperation with IBS – International Business School – we offer quality foreign students’ services. A preparatory year will be offered to students before the 3 years BA program if necessary with efficient language and dance courses. Accommodation and food, health insurance, residency permissions, etc. are not provided by the school but our team will help to organize them. We’ll send you detailed description of practical do-s and not to do-s on request.


will be organized near your home upon request. Preauditions will be organized in Budapest too: 28-29. April. Please register 7 days in advance with: CV, motivation letter, portrait and full body photo, link of a maximum 5 minutes long video.

In special cases preauditions can be replaced by detailed video and skype interview upon request. Final auditions are obligatory


Any day is open day, just cross-check an appointment by e-mail!
Open Day / arrive before 8.30.
For dates please check our actual site



500 € one time, non refundable registration fee will be paid in one month after the successful entry exam decision.
1500 € / will be paid before each semester.
Work on local scholarships and students loans.
Ask for school-scholarships at BCDA after the first semester.

will take place in Budapest the 1.-3. June 2015.

– application form
– CV, motivation letter,
– one portrait and one full body photo,
– 5 min. video,
– 15 titles of possible essays on topics you are interested in, and
– write one of the essays.

Please send all materials 7 days before the pre-, or final audition.

Ask for details

For personal visits, preparatory programs, dorms, summer camps, administrative details – just write an e-mail to our students’ department.




  1. Focusing on the individual, the artist and art itself
  2. Up-to-date material, creative training, practice and theory
  3. The only European contemporary dance academy east of Essen
  4. The only Hungarian state subsidized private art academy

Basic concept, goals

The Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy has been founded officially as a state subsidized higher education institution the September 1, 2004 by New Performing Art Foundation (Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány). The founder-rector is Angelus Iván, who began his mission as a developer of contemporary dance in Hungary the late 70’s. The goal of the institution is to develop highly-qualified, creative professionals equally capable as human beings, intellectuals and artists in all fields of contemporary dance. The education is based on the complex study of traditions, in addition to the newest techniques and training in line with the professional expectations of the 21st century.

The antecedents of the current projects go back several decades:

  • 1979 New Dance Club
  • 1983 Creative Movements Studio
  • 1990 Budapest Dance School
  • 1990 New Performing Arts Foundation
  • 1998 Budapest Basic Art School, Budapest Comprehensive Dance School
  • 2004 Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy

Application, audition

Please send all application materials not later than 7 days before your audition.
Audition MA: June 4-5. 2015
Budapest pre-audition BA :  28-29. April 2015
Final audition (obligatory) BA: June 1-3. 2015

The practical exam consists of five modules:

  1. ballet, folk dance,
  2. modern technique, contemporary dance,
  3. contact dance, improvisation, composition,
  4. creativity,
  5. erudition fields.

The application form of Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy can be downloaded from our homepage and must be filled and sent to budapest@dance.org.hu  one week before your audition.

Details will be provided by e-mail upon request.

Open days
4-5 December 2014

08.00 – 08.30     Arrival
08.30 – 08.40     Short orientation
08.45 – 10.15      Dance classes
10.30 – 12.00      Dance classes
12.15 – 13.15        Iván Angelus answers the questions

About the programme: faculties, syllabus

Term :
3 years Contemporary Dance Artist BA program
Language : English
Weekly commitment : Monday to Friday, 8:15 AM – 16:15 PM

2 years Contemporary Dance Teacher MA program
Language : English
Commitment designed upon the individual needs


You can read our Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020 here.
Erasmus ID code of the institution: HU BUDAPEST51
Application reference number: 256535-LA-1-2014-1-HU-E4AKA1-ECHE
Erasmus coordinator: Petra Péter