BCDA – SELFPORTRAITS / Trafó Technical rider


7th Tuesday 2019

clean up ready
studio open for individual work – otional

sound check
more sound
sound out during Selfportrait 24

light check
from last clap to talk or Archive conversation

individual warm up

– 9 circles group rehearsals
– slow down
– run it once

13.40 – 14.10
Marcela WARM UP*
* see after this letter

clean up

14.30 School performance
+ conversation

16.00 finish as latest
lunch, relax time

#9 clap + light, chairs, posters
Archive conversation preparations rehearsal – placement of chairs, posters.

18.15 – 19.00
Tamás warm up

19.00 – 19.30 
Marcela WARM UP*

Clean up, dresses

Including Archive conversation

Do not forget:
Wednesday program – as in school calendar


I forward the letter of Marcela:

Feladó: "Lake Studios Marcela G." <lakestudiosberlin@gmail.com>
Tárgy: suggestions for warm up & toi toi toi
2019. május 6. 19:56:39 CEST
Címzett: Angelus Iván – BKTF/BCDA <budapest@tanc.org.hu>, yrsa heijkenskjöld <hei.yrsa@gmail.com>, "budapest@dance.org.hu" <budapest@dance.org.hu>

Dear Dancers!

Hope you had a good break and that the work we did had a chance to marinate and grow inside of you.
I want to wish you all a wonderful performance tomorrow,  I really wish I could be there but am looking forward to see it on video instead.

For the warm up  – please take about 20-30 minutes individually to physically go through and remember any of the exercises we did –  you don't have to do them all 3, just choose  one that you feel will help you the most to get into your physicality.

I will list them here for you:

– Pushing, Pulling, reaching, / Falling (letting go), doing each separately, then doing them all together

– lying down rocking from the heels and transferring this sensation to all  body parts connected to the floor

– lying down moving the spine with your extremities (arms&legs) / moving your extremities with your spine / doing both


as a group before performing (before audience comes in) just do a short sequence like we did before the run: (this just takes no more than 5 minutes)

1. stomping & shaking the floor with you feet ( noticing how your movement shakes the floor and vibrates the room)

2. shaking your own body

(repeating these two things alternating between them 3 or 4 times)


3. doing both at the same time and stopping as a group.

I hope this helps you to warm up and get into the mindset for the work:

Things to remember:

– Try not to repeat the run that you did with me at the school OR the run that you did today. The piece is bit different every night , as we are also a bit different every night. Try to work with those subtleties and not repeat last nights tricks.

– remembering to find the balance between solo and group not letting either dissappear

– enjoy the space and your bodies that you have : we enjoy to watch you also!


Thank you for your work and I wish you all the best!




With no first line chairs on the floor but with the
short leg chairs lifted (as usual recently)


White dance floor 10 * 10 m
centrally placed
starting from wooden stage line
over big black dance floor

Fixed black backdrop with side walks only
Light and place for 18 dancers' quick dress change behind the curtain


Selfportrait 24

4*8 Par
in four lines

narrow PAR lights on left wall 4 m tube

wide PAR lights on the left side of the frame

wide PAR lights on the right side of the frame

narrow PAR lights on right wall 4 m tube

can work 2/2 (every second one if so)

Grand #9 

2*9 profile lights (big and medium as agreed with Attila Hajas)
front + gegen
all independently controlled

7 8 9
4 5 6 
1 2 3

17 18  19
14 15 16 
11 12 13

Light plan 0.1
Light plan 0.2


Empty stage with no floor speakers at all
Big base boxes hidden out of stage
Controls on hung to front corners of the light frame

No music in first pieces 
Sound system switched off (no buzzes) during first piece

Grand #9 
Gabrielle Roth Bones/Snake cca 7min
Source file from Trafó computer if possible

Stage system for training with volume control and small jack input

Dressing rooms

24 dancers


Monday 6th May 2019

stage ready 9 am

Dorottya, Iván (Kámea?)
prepare signs for 9 circles

Attila Hajas and light crew
10 am
start light setup
hang, petch, focus

1-2 (as latest lunch break)

2-3 pm

dancers arrive in time
to be ready
in dressing rooms
individual preparation, warm up
at 3 pm as latest

technical rehearsals, light and space, dresses prepared 
Selfprotrait chairs, space check – no run
ligth and space check with technical and full run checked but no worn dresses

6 pm
warm up

7 pm – 8 pm
video, photo rehearsal as promoted by Trafó crew

conversation for ALL participants
deciding about next day rehearsals

Tuesday 7th May 2019

rehearsals as agreed last night

2.30 pm – School performance

8 pm – Performance

Public info

ÖNARCKÉPEK/SELFPORTRAITS – A Budapest Tánciskola a Trafóban – 2019. május 7.

SELFPORTRAITS/ÖNARCKÉPEK – Budapest Dance School in TRAFÓ – 7th MAY 2019