Dear x.y.!

Everybody can dance!
With short legs, long legs or no legs.
Fat or slim or in wheel chair.
While you can create a harmony in and with your body in the context of the human and “natural” context – you can dance!

Nevertheless once you want to become a professional dancer there are standard and non-standard routes.
Some are easier and others are more difficult.
You, and only you must choose amongst alternatives or accept your fate to become what you want and/or can become.

From the videos only, from the underneath camera angle, without the personal presence – it is hard to say anything, and may be I am wrong. But if you ask me I can tell what I see:
You move a lot. Endlessly. No pause, no relax. No dynamic changes. No rhythmic changes.
I do not see the goal, the reason why you move so much.
Your body seems relatively short. How many centimeters high are you?

I repeat, these are things what we can accept and learn to like, or we can change, work together on modifying them if we want to. It’s up to you.

Angelus Iván

Why don’t you try to go out to the seaside or a quiet mountain glade (safe, or accompanied) and dance there just for yourself.
Learn from the rhythms of the nature around you. Copy them or contrast them, …
Get inspired…


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