Anett Békési-Szombati

Anett Békési-Szombati has been a freelance dancer since graduating from the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy's Dancer BA programme in 2014. In the school she had been learning contemporary dance from the teachers Tamás Bakó, Marco Torrice, Adrienn Hód ,Vladka Mala, Iván Angelus, Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi, Éva Karczag. Furthermore she participated in the workshop of dance masters Peter Jasko (SVK), Rasmus Ölme (SWE), Eléonore Valére- Lachky (FRA), Laura Aris (BEL), Corinne Lanselle (FRA), Ori Flomin (USA), Janet Panetta (USA), Anne-Linn Akselsen (NOR), Šárka Bocková (CZ), Natasa Novotná (CZ).
After her graduation at BCDA, she started cooperating with numerous companies, such as Inversedance.
Anett has always been interested in the connection between Fine Arts and Dance. She finds it very important in her work to show and interpret these relations, due to this fact she often prepares performances for art exhibitions and different art galleries. In the artistic formation Unknown Text works as a choreographer with her sculptor husband, Ervin Békési.


Budapest Dance School – Intensive Audition-preparatory Course – Contemporary Dance
In general, there is a great emphasis put on floorwork. We start with a warm-up in which we not only prepare our body for the dance, but also strenghten the muscles. It is important to acquire a theoretical knowledge of the body as well, therefore we start from the inside, consciously using the bones, muscles, and  joints. The aim is the soft and fluid way of using the body. We tend to reduce the amount of invested energy and to take advantage of our given body abilities. The class is constituted around the principle of gradual development. By starting on the ground, we learn movement sequences in standing, too. The idea is to research various movement qualities within the fixed choreography.
Békési Szanett Beginners' Contemporary Dance course 

Budapest Dance School – Contemporary Dance Workshop Series – Stick-Dance
How can we become more abstract, to create a space installation and animate objects on stage? How is it possible to be in a perfect symbosis and to treat the object as our body parts? In the beginning of the classes, we often start with games for the sake of improving our reflexes and to familiarise ourselves with the objects. Afterwards, similarly to a contact improvisation class, the objective is to focus on the relation in between the two bodies: the physical human body and the object's one. Creating teamwork and reaching the level of trust. The Stick-Dance course based on the piece Insert.

Motus Movement Theatre Association – Contemporary Dance
Békési SzAnett Beginners' Contemporary Dance course

BailArt – Contemporary Dance


Insert | 2016
Choreographer: Anett Békési-Szombati
Performers: Anett Békési-Szombati , Balázs Oláh, Krisztina Sessi
Music: Ervin Békési

Paradigma | 2016
Choreographer: Anett Békési-Szombati
Performers: Békési-Szombati Anett, Luca Dömötör
Installation: Ervin Békési

Elhallgatott hétköznapok / Untold weekdays | 2015
Choreographer, performers: Anett Békési-Szombati, Laura Tóth
Audience Award – Solo Duo International Dance Festival, 2015