Dear Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher Colleague!

You may have lost your income/job and now, even after two months, you don't even see the "end of the tunnel". As a non-hungarian citizen you may or not apply for the FESZ's aid to "theatrical background professionals", the Thália Theater's aid to "independent performers" and EMMI's "independent performers' aid". You have to try, but you may not get from all all or even one of them. Any way we thought you might need some money to survive critical times.

We are in a relatively lucky position:
– Our current BA students receive a thorough lesson from independence, and online forms of communication also work.
Any school has 3 main functions: give information, enrich  creativity, develop socialization. The first is now pushed somewhat behind, the second continues, and the third has unprecedented opportunities. The compilation of One A Week One Minute Videos will hopefully give you an idea of ​​this.
– For teacher MA students, it is not a big difference whether we sit around the round table in person or from home, the papers have to be submitted online anyways.
So we have adapted to the situation, of course it will be good to dance together again.
– The staff – Petra, Kamilla and I – is building the future of the school – new courses, new location – and we are not really hindered by the curfew limitations.

This is an "ALUMNI" aid. We undertook to support our former students in the field of contemporary dance – from Adrienn Hód and Tamás Bakó to last year’s graduates – who have finished school (4 years later 5 in the vocational high school, and/or 4 years in the Academy, or 3 years later) regardless if after completed studies by agreement, they eventually obtained a graduation certificate, a diploma or not, Hungarians or foreigners, working at home or elsewhere.

We have created a simple online query to read, fill and submit. We will ask for details from those who receive the support. Every two weeks we are planning subsidies of HUF 50,000, depending on the needs and possibilities. Until cancellation, we review claims every Monday and try to make a quick decision and pay the same week. We will send the amount to your account.

Of course, we also accept grants for this fund, which is managed separately within the New Performing Arts Foundation:
Our HUF and €  account data.
If you can send support, write in the text: SUPPORT TO ALUMNI
If you do not want your name to be public, write: ANONYMOUS SUPPORTER.

With regards to the unpredictable experiences we may change frames and conditions.

Spread the word to your mates!

Here you have the list of the alumni who have asked and received support till date:

  1. Csasznyi Blanka
  2. Busa Balázs
  3. Lévai Viola
  4. Szeri Viktor
  5. Takács Ramóna
  6. Cserepes Gyula
  7. Oberfrank Réka
  8. Dányi Viktória
  9. Szombati Anett
  10. Sebestyén Tímea
  11. Bakos Luca
  12. Farkas Zoltán
  13. Vass Imre
  14. Andrási Attila
  15. Kelemen Patrik
  16. Furulyás Dóra
  17. Vadas Zsófia Tamara
  18. Dömötör Judit
  19. Takács Ramóna/2
  20. Farkas Zoltán/2
  21. Csasznyi Blanka/2
  22. Busa Balázs/2
  23. Rab-Kuti Alexandra
  24. Dézsi Kata
  25. Sessi Krisztina
  26. Oberfrank Réka/2
  27. Lévai Viola/2

At this point we close COVID-19 applicatons. However feel free to ask for support in special cases and we will try to find the way to help.
Please do not forget to update your site info!

10th June 2020.
Iván Angelus

See list of Alumni
Check it in Hungarian as well